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Alex Gansa on Season 4

This idea of seeing Carrie overseas somewhere feels great to us. But we haven’t convened a story room and I don’t know whether that idea will get any purchase. But look: she’s on her way to Istanbul and she’s eight-and-a-half months pregnant, so we have some big things to resolve.

I will say that when I did follow all the critics and I was compulsively reading all the blogs in Season 1 and part of Season 2, after almost every episode, people would say, “Well, they’re never going to get themselves out of this. How could they possibly resolve this?” [Laughs] I think that’s the challenge and also the beauty of being lucky enough to do something creative with your time. We get to figure this stuff out. And I think it’s going to be fantastic—and I think Carrie Mathison is a strong enough character to be more of a single lead in a show.

It’s going to be a different series. We are going to reinvent. We’re going to reboot. And hopefully we can tell a compelling enough story to draw some of those people back.

But god: my heart goes out to all the people who fell in love with Nicholas Brody as a character. We shot that hanging sequence the very last day of episode 12. It was the very last thing we did in Morocco. We shot all night, and I must say, at 7:00 in the morning, when it was over and I gave Damian a big hug and thanked him for all his amazing work, I slunk off to a little courtyard and I cried.

I was tired, I know, but I was really emotional about saying goodbye to him, too. So my heart goes out to all those people who were moved by his death.

On Saul:

The Central Intelligence Agency outsources so much work to private contractors now that Saul could very easily be back in the fold, just that way. Whether he has a desk at Langley anymore, I’m not sure. But his value and relationship to the CIA is very much alive.

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